About Erik

I came Madison as a college freshman and like many in Madison, I never left. I have a PhD in Computer Sciences from the UW-Madison, and am a former Alder for the City of Madison, where I represented the 3rd district and served on the Plan Commission, among other committees. Through much of my time in Madison I’ve been a writer, and in the past I’ve written for my own blog, the Badger Herald, and on the Forward Lookout collaborative blog.

About the Blog

As an alder, I blogged at least once a week with general updates, but I also published occasional longer pieces to drill into an issue. This site is an outlet for my to continue to publish those sorts of longer pieces.

Blogging looks very different than it did a few years ago, so I’m hosting my latest incarnation of the blog as a newsletter on Substack.com, so you can subscribe to the newsletter and get new posts via email. My posts are free, and I have no intention of making this a paid newsletter.

Why are there posts from years ago on the site?

I’m slowly importing some of my old writing into this site. Many of the links might be broken, but I am working on fixing them.

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Occasional thoughts on the issues of the day, usually about Madison. Free, no plans to make a paid newsletter.


I write an (occasional) blog, mostly covering Madison, WI.